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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation
is one of the most popular surgical procedures done in the United States. It is surgery done to enhance the beauty of small breasts or to restore the beauty of breasts that have lost their original beauty. Breast augmentation increases the size of the breasts. It is not designed to change the shape or symmetry of your breasts nor is it designed to reconstruct abnormalities, although these kinds of improvements may be an added benefit of the Breast Augmentation procedure.

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Tummy Tuck

The Abdominoplasty procedure is better known as a “Tummy Tuck”.
It is a procedure that has literally changed people’s lives and shape. It is a procedure that removes hanging skin, excess fat, stretch marks and scars transforming an unpleasant body shape into a flat, smooth and attractive torso. It accomplishes what liposuction cannot do. The “Tummy Tuck” procedure is used for women who have excess skin, stretch marks and weakened abdominal wall muscles after having babies and massive weight loss clients who have sagging and over stretched skin after losing large amounts of weight.

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is a surgical procedure that removes tunnels of fat between the skin and the muscle in criss-cross patterns in order to reduce inches and clothes sizes. It creates a more desirable shape. You cannot expect to lose weight immediately after liposuction since the water of swelling weighs more than the removed fat. Once the swelling resolves, you can expect to lose weight as long as you eat right. The key to the best results is the quality of your skin. The higher the quality of your skin, the more the skin will tighten after liposuction and the better your results.

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Welcome to North San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Center

North County Cosmetic Surgery Center is a medical practice dedicated to serving the cosmetic and esthetic needs of San Diego county. Our clients can obtain the full spectrum of cosmetic/plastic surgical treatments such as: breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, breast lifts, facelifts and more in a warm, relaxed, caring, sensitive and comfortable environment designed to meet each individual’s needs.

The staff at North County Cosmetic Surgery Center is well educated, trained, experienced, and proficient in all aspects of esthetic surgical care including all aspects of face, body and extremity rejuvenating surgery.

Dr. Powell is a highly trained and proficient Board Certified surgeon who graduated from an accredited surgery residency who’s chairman served as President of the American Board of Surgery and President of the American College of Surgeons. He has gained subspecialty expertise in cosmetic surgery after retiring from the Navy in 2002 and presently serves as an Oral Examiner for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery certifying newly trained cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Powell maintains busy surgical practices in San Diego and Imperial counties performing hundreds of cosmetic surgical procedures each year.

North San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Center’s mission is to provide individuals with state-of-the-art, beauty enhancing-youth preserving procedures, tailored to each client’s individual needs and to perform these procedures in a safe, comfortable and affordable manner.

Carl A. Powell, D.O., F.A.C.S.
Board Certified Surgeon

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